8 New Year’s Resolutions For The Office

We’re barely a month into 2018, and I’m sure most of us have made personal resolutions for the new year. But are you still trudging your feet to work and looking forward to the end of the workday? If you are, it’s time to take steps to improve your office life. What better way to start than to come up with new year’s resolutions for the office? Here are 10 new year’s resolutions to start with to make your office a better environment to work in!

1. Declutter the office

Are things cluttered in the office? Whether it is the office pantry or storeroom, we’re sure it needs some extra care this new year! To create a more pleasant environment to work in, you can start with spring cleaning the office. If you realise that your desk is messier than you’ve remembered it to be, it’s good to start organising your things and putting those extra pens back where they belong.

2. Stop complaining excessively

This year, make a mental note to yourself to stop complaining about everything. It’s useless to whine about how the other team got half a day off when your team didn’t – put in more effort to earn the same instead! We promise you that this will help you work more effectively and bring you to greater heights in your career.

3. Give constructive criticism

We all have that colleague who critiques everyone while grumbling about how everyone in the team is so much more useless than her. Don’t be that colleague. When giving feedback, make sure your criticism is warranted and actually useful for that topic at hand.

4. Clear out your inbox and keep it clean

It’s time to clear those 500 emails in your cluttered inbox! Pick a day to clean out your entire inbox, so you can start afresh at 0 emails this year. You can take it a step further by even creating email folders for easier organisation! This will make it much easier for you to clear your mail for the rest of the year, not to mention making you feel less vexed about your inbox situation!

5. Improve office relationships

Is there tension within your team? Many times, we find that we don’t necessarily “click” well with our team members. Well, this is normal as a team is ultimately a group of people put together by their boss to work and produce results! However, it does not mean that you have to stand on eggshells around your team all the time. In 2018, improve office relationships by organising some fun team building sessions! Thrilling games such as Laser Tag are great for office bonding!

6. Minimise unnecessary meetings

How many times have you come out of a meeting room wondering why your time was wasted over a small issue that could have been resolved over email? Chances are, this happens a lot. Therefore, one office resolution for this year should be to cut down on redundant meetings! Solve minor problems through emails, or even through a phone call instead.

7. Make to-do lists

In our busy office life, we forget about things more often than we should. The easiest way to combat this bad habit is to get a to-do list to jot down what you need to do every day! You should make it a habit so that you can stop putting little things on the back burner that pile up to form taxing tasks you dread clearing.

8. Eat healthier

Health is at the top of most people’s lists of new year resolutions. However, how many actually get around to making a change to their eating habits? You can start off in 2018 by prepping your own lunches with nutrition-filled ingredients! If you’re too lazy for that, we’re sure there are tons of healthier options you can get during lunch hour at work.

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