Ninja Tag

Top 4 Benefits of Ninja Tag

Looking for a unique and fun team building activity like no other? Search no more! Ninja Tag is an up and coming team building activity that incorporates elements of catching, ninja skills, and a whole lotta fun for one of the best team building experience ever. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should definitely choose Ninja Tag for your next team building activity!

#1: It’s a great cardiovascular workout!

Ninja Tag has a lot of running involved where players have to use their daggers to tag their opponents. There are also bunkers in the playing field for players to hide behind! The intensity of the game is dependent on the players: to win, you have to be competitive.

#2: Takes you back to your childhood

Long gone are the times when we were all kids and ran around the playground playing tag. Remember making friends with others in the playground by just including everyone and playing tag? Ninja tag puts a spin to your most loved childhood game and brings it back to you as a teambuilding activity!

#3: Improves group dynamics

Playing Ninja Tag together as a team requires a high level of team coordination as your team has a better understanding of your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses. The team has to learn to cover each other, protect the weaker players as a team and strike their opponents when the time is right.

#4: Analyse strengths and weaknesses of the team

By analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your team, you and your team are able to plan strategically how to fight against your opponents. This can be translated to the office, where knowing more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses can allow the team leader to delegate tasks much more easily and efficiently according to each other’s strengths.